We offer our customers a choice in auto glass replacement.

Here at Precision we choose to do things different than our competition. We want to set a higher standard in auto glass windshield replacement and window repair in Poplar Bluff and Southeast Missouri.

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We Specialize

Auto glass is different than any other type of glass. The skills and tools needed to extract, prepare and install auto glass are different than those needed to make a cup or a house window. Auto glass is a structural component of a car and like all structural automotive repairs should be performed by a qualified technician. Your safety may depend on it.

Our only focus is Auto Glass for cars, trucks, semi-trailers and more. We know how to stay up to date in today's increasingly complex auto repair industry.

Our Technicians must undergo AGSC requalification every 3 years.Nearly all our staff have experience and /or hold certifications in the Auto/Collision repair industries.


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Training / Experience

Our staff has over 20 years experience in the auto glass/structural repair business

Our technicians undergo both initial and ongoing training so they know the current standards of the ever changing auto industry. Our installers repair or replace your car windshield glass, auto window in accordance with D.O.T. standards with precision every time by using methods of Auto Glass Extraction, Preparation and Placement prescribed by the Auto Glass Safety Council (AGSC).

AGSC Trained Technicians


Andrew Leslie: Qualified Auto Glass Technician
Brent Scobey: Qualified Auto Glass Technician
I-CAR Certified Technicians
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Our Materials

At Precision Auto Glass we use only quality and proven installation materials from reputable producers. Most of our adhesives and primers are manufactured by the industry leader DOW. We use O.E.M. car windshield glass when possible. Aftermarket replacements are typically available from Pittsburg Glass Works( PGW) or Pilkington Auto Glass.

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Products We Use: Pilkington, PGW, Dow


We Offer Extras

Full Warranty

After your installation we protect you with our no leak guarantee for as long as our windshield is in your car.

Mobile Service

Let us bring our auto glass replacement mobile service to your location at no extra charge. What area are you in? Poplar Bluff, Farmington, Cape Girardeau or anywhere in between we can replace your glass anywhere.

Quotes On The Go

By phone, Text, Email or Facebook we can get you a quote on your auto glass Anytime.


We specialize in auto glass windshield replacement but can install any car window.

Replacing a car or truck windshield is replacing a structural component of your auto, and if done improperly can compromise your safety in the event of a crash. The windshield and back glass are designed to support the roof in the event of a rollover. Properly installed windshields and some door glass are necessary for your air bag systems ability to function properly. Many of our areas installers have not been properly trained and do not practice proper techniques using out of date methods to extract, prepare and install your glass. Often from lack of knowledge or to cut cost, many glass companies use materials and methods that are substandard or out of date and put their customers at risk.


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Fleet truck glass and windshield services for Semi trucks and commercial vehicles are available during the week and on weekends.

We replace glass and windshields in all types of commercial trucks. Do you have a truck fleet in Poplar Bluff or southeast Missouri? We can supply and repair your trucks' glass. Learn more here.


Auto Glass Services for Fleets and Transport Vehicles


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